A Vibration of Energy Taking Us Beyond the 21st Century

  • "Aquarian Healing utilises the body and brain, accessing the body's intelligence, including the subconscious mind, through muscle testing"

  • "Aquarian Healing is a combination of many different modalities optimising the best each has to offer"

  • "Water increases the ability of the body and mind to think clearer"

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Robin Rogers Aquarian Healing


A Powerful healing modality that can help with all health problems.

It treats your body like a computer and re-programmes it. Phoenix sources the initial cause of any DIS-EASE and clears the emotion which caused the imbalance. It is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. Practitioners of all modalities will find AQUARIAN HEALING™ complements their particular skills and increases their abilities to clear problems permanently.

How Does It Work ?
Using the body as a bio-computer we access it by muscle testing or the use of a pendulum. The correction is always energy. Aquarian combines the energies of most other modalities and speeds up the corrections so that in the course of one treatment we use the energies of Reiki, Acupuncture, Touch for Health, TMJ, etc. All being utilised in the course of one hour of treatment. We are constantly amazed by the body's ability to pick out the Priority Correction (this is not always what we think it should be) and then find the emotion and the cellular memory associated with the DIS-EASE or problem. In one hour of treatment we are able to look at many different systems of the body including - healing energy, stress, hydration, meridians, toxins, chemical levels and of course pain. These systems are always checked prior to looking at the problem that has initiated the consultation so that the body is balanced in the major functions before looking at the problem.

How Can It Help Me ?
Your body knows everything that has happened to you. What caused your illness and how to fix it. We access that information, it puts the healing back in your own control.

What Kind of DIS-EASE Can Be Helped ?
All disease is an energy imbalance, by finding the emotion (cause) we can re-balance the body which then stimulates the body to heal itself.

Aquarian Healing also works at an energy and vibrational level which is as important as all other aspects of our body. The rebalancing of our energy systems occurs as the body, intelligence and subconscious is cleared of energy blockages. These can be in the form of negative thought patterns or suppressed negative emotions. Once these are cleared energy flows are optimised, and our vibration becomes harmonious allowing healing to be achieved on all levels.

Is the most important thing we stress in the workshops and during treatments with clients! Your body is a water based computer. It needs water to work efficiently. During treatments your body will clear many toxins and will need water to do this.

It has been proven that water increases the ability to think clearer and increases response times in brain function.

What Does Aquarian Healing Cover ?