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Water is one of the most important factors in Aquarian Healing and it makes up the largest part of the human body. It has been proven the water increases the ability of the body and mind to think more clearly and it increases response times in brain function. Many factors in modern day living deplete us of water in our bodies therefore drinking water throughout the day is vitally important to our health and well-being.

"Water increases the ability of the body and mind to think clearer"

Your body needs water to work efficiently during treatments and also to clear the body of toxins. Clients are required to drink plenty of good fresh water prior to treatment and often after a treatment because of the changes taking place. Tea, coffee and alcohol all act as diuretics and will actually deplete the body of water. These are to be avoided if possible or kept to a minimum while undergoing a treatment program.

Filtered water is the best type to drink, around two litres per day being ideal. This of course depends on your body's weight. Avoid distilled water at all costs as this is detrimental to the body as distillation strips the water of all minerals and oxygen.

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