A Vibration of Energy Taking Us Beyond the 21st Century


Aquarian Healing's unique ability to access the body's intelligence and the subconscious mind means that identifying the cause of a problem is very precise and effective.

In all illnesses there can be an underlying emotion or psychological imprint which affects the body and the mind. Once these are identified they can be cleared from the body and mind allowing the healing process to then take place. Without removing these blockages permanent healing will simply not occur, which can leave a person feeling frustrated and their problem unresolved.

To find good health and balance in our lives we must look at all the factors that affect us as human beings. Physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects are inherently intertwined with each other and therefore must all be cleared in so that we can heal on all levels.

Our world is governed by cause and effect; find the cause and we can then effect change. As causes aren't always where we expect to find them, Aquarian Healing can help you to find the cause and then bring about positive change.

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