A Vibration of Energy Taking Us Beyond the 21st Century


"Aquarian Healing has not only turned around my own health and well-being, but my clients are also experiencing changes and shifts in their health problems like never before."

Jean Wright - M.S OTR - full story

"Since my first visit with Robin I have taken absolutely none of my prescribed medications. My pain has disappeared and I have passed no blood."

Cheryll Pitman - full story

"I was overwhelmed by the evidence and decided to complete my diploma as soon as I could."

Lindsay McCullough

"Having symtoms of irritable bowel syndrome since the age of 13 I had in a way become use to it. For it to completely disappear the day after my first session with Robin is amazin. A big relief"

Ian P

"I was in a car with a very good friend of mine who told me about Robin and her healing abilities. Instantly, almost before she had finished her sentence, I knew I needed to make an appointment with Robin. Now eleven months after first going to Robin for healing I have attaired a Diploma in Aquarian Healing and am continuing the healing of myself from a very serious and evasive disease. One that medically we are lead to believe can not be cured. Watch this space"


"I am glad I took a chance and went to see Robin with my skin problem. She has done more for me in eight weeks than the skin specialist have done in over ten years. Thank you Robin and Aquarian healing, you are amazing"