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Student modules are designed to bring students to a new level of understanding of their own health and how they can assist others to achieve that understanding. As a student you will learn about the bodies bio-computer and how to understand muscle testing in order to communicate with the sub-conscious of the person you are working with and even with your own body. You will learn how to access and harmonise those needs, using the energy that you are attuned to Aquarian Healing has been broken down in to six modules and the final Diploma course.

Students must obtain a satisfactory level of achievement before progressing to the next module. A student may repeat any module they wish at no extra charge as long as the Tutor is notified.
All course fees must be paid prior to commencement of each module unless prior arrangements have been agreed to with the Tutor.
On completion of the Diploma each practitioner must apply for an annual practicing certificate. A Diploma does not give you an automatic right to teach. This is only by invitation of the Director.
The course Director reserves the right to cancel or postpone any course or module if the student numbers are insufficient.

The information contained here-in is subject to change and update at any time without notification. You are advised to seek updated info’ from your course Tutor.

Module 1: 2 Days
Introducing Aquarian Healing, Electromagnetics, Cranial Rhythm, Boosting your Basic Energy Healing, Muscle Testing, Chakras, Chakra tracing, Hydration, Standard correction format, Raising your Spiritual awareness, Brain balance, Toxin, Chemical, Heavy metal clearances. Stress release, Deep pain correction, Adrenal blocks.

Module 2: 2 Days
Deeper correction format, Lower Bodies, Chakra Correction, Colour balancing (negative and positive) Oxygen, Fears and phobias, Self sabotage, Deeper accessing of the subconscious, Heart integration, Grief emotions, Negative thoughts, Immune system including the effects of mercury, Affirmations for self and positive living.

Module 3: 2 Days
Protection, Surrogate Meridians, Vitamin & minerals, Cell Salts, Bach Flowers, pH Level, Emotions, Food allergies, Endocrine system, Candida.

Module 4: 2 Days
Polarity stresses, Temporomandibular joint (T.M.J.) correction, Digestive system including liver and spleen , Bacteria and viruses, Heart, Worms and parasites, Vascular system, Lymphatic system,

Module 5: 3 Days
Ionization, Skeletal system, including Skull, Neck and Head, Shoulder and elbow, Hand and wrist, Hip and knee, Foot and ankle, Spinal nerves, Spinal mis -alignment Range of Movement, Autonomic nervous system, Vertebral column, Respiratory system including , Pharynx and Larynx, Nose and Throat, Skin, Colds and Flue, Hearing, Teeth., Brain, Enhanced Learning. Male and female reproductive systems, Urinary tract, Kidneys, Metabolism, Nervous System, Autonomic nervous system, Solvents and Toxins, Vision, .Asthma, Migraine, Diabetes, Arthritis, Cardio-vascular disease, Digestive diseases, Urinary tract disease, Migraine, and other diseases. Allergies.

Diploma / Master: 4 Days. Plus 6 months on - going tuition and guidance.
Cancer, HIV and Aids. Addiction, Karma Levels of Consciousness, Cellular Changes, Soul fragmentation and retrieval.’ Raising abundance flow Forgiveness, D.N.A.coding. Violet Flame, Lay-oo-esh, Holograms, Birth traumas, Removing negative energies. Body harmonics and frequency. Nth & Sth Pole magnetic energies. Psychic injuries, God cell alignment. Spiritual contract. Deep level stress release and relaxation, and many other enlightening corrections for personal growth and development

15 Case studies are to be submitted for Diploma

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