A Vibration of Energy Taking Us Beyond the 21st Century

MODULE TWO - 2 Day Cost $400

Deeper correction format, Lower bodies, Chakra correction , Colour balancing (negative and positive), Fears and phobias, Self sabotage, Deeper accessing of the Subconscious, Heart integration, Compassion, Grief emotions, Oxygen, Negative thoughts, Immune system including the effects of mercury, Affirmations for self and positive living.

In Module 2 students start to work at deeper levels and are able to utilise other correction methods within the Aquarian modality and understand the importance of implementing safeguards for clients.

An in-depth study is taken of the chakras and how to balance them at different levels, also learning about the four lower bodies as well as colours and how people are affected by them. Students work through corrections to raise self-esteem, deal with negative thoughts and grief emotions, self-sabotage and fears and phobias. Time-frames are addressed to establish when the problems and issues first entered a person’s life.

Other topics studied in this module are: the heart (from both a physical and metaphysical perspective), the immune system (learning its importance and how it is affected on different levels by various influences), also mercury toxicity, its effect on the body and the effective means for its safe removal. This module also addresses positive thinking and learning Aquarian Healing’s unique way of programming the body with affirmations for positive living, health and healing.

Module includes:

  • Self Esteem
  • Chakras
  • Lower Bodies
  • Color Balancing
  • Affrimations for Self Worth
  • Self Sabotage
  • Heart integration
  • Grief emotions
  • Negative thoughts
  • Mercury
  • Fears & phobias
  • Oxygen
  • Immune system

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