A Vibration of Energy Taking Us Beyond the 21st Century


Aquarian Healing is completely compatible and integrates well with all other healing modalities. No previous training or experience is required to learn Aquarian Healing, however if students have had previous training in other modalities then this is likely to be of benefit.

If you are a part-time or full-time therapist, working with family and friends, or just interested in healing and development, Aquarian Healing can be life-changing, enlightening and exciting. Each level, including the Diploma level, gives students powerful tools for transformation, understanding and healing. The levels are designed so that students can start using them immediately, without having to complete all levels. As each level builds on the previous one, the levels must be completed sequentially. Students are later taught how to combine corrections together to tackle larger problems. Most students continue through to complete their Diploma.

Our aim is to inform, empower and enlighten you to discover your true potential, facilitate you on your healing journey and give you the opportunity for personal growth, healing and wellbeing.

If anyone requires training please contact us directly to arrange dates.

Robin Rodgers 021 834 953 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Christchurch)

Susan Edmonds 09 479 4554 (Auckland)

As a student you will learn about the body's bio-computer and how to understand muscle testing in order to communicate with the sub-conscious of the person you are working with and of course with your own body so that you are able to treat yourself. You will learn how to access and harmonise those needs, using the energy that you are attuned to. Aquarian Healing has been broken down in to six modules and the final Diploma course.

Students must obtain a satisfactory level of achievement before progressing to the next module. A student may repeat any module they wish at no extra charge as long as the Tutor is notified. All course fees must be paid prior to commencement of each module unless prior arrangements have been agreed to with the Tutor.

A Diploma does not give you an automatic right to teach. This is only by invitation of the Director.

Your training is certified and accredited to The NZ Charter of Health Practitioners.