A Vibration of Energy Taking Us Beyond the 21st Century


Article published in ‘In Touch’ magazine – June/July 2001
By Vicki Wright

‘The angel, glorious in white and gold, stood at the end of the light tunnel’
Robin Rodgers, founder of Aquarian Healing has a remarkable story to tell. In a ‘near death’ experience, she saw an angel standing at the end of a light tunnel. It held out it’s hand to her saying, “Go back, you have work to do’. So began her extraordinary journey to Aquarian Healing.

“I come from a traditional Scottish background,’ begins Robin. “My father was a teacher, an elder in the Presbyterian church in Invercargill. In fact, like my father, most of our family are teachers. Those were the days you did what those in authority told you to do. On leaving school, I went into nursing for a couple of years, got pregnant and soon had two small boys. Then my marriage broke up and I later married a man who was much older than myself. For these reasons, I felt that I never quite measured up to the family expectations.”

Robin began having problems with her back which started when she was carrying her first child. After a normal second pregnancy the third turned into a disaster. She was in hospital for three months unable to walk - her whole pelvis had collapsed, and it was as if the foundation of her body had given way. The pain persisted and eventually she was diagnosed with arachnoiditis, a condition where the fluid around the spinal cord solidifies making it feel like grains of sand. “I had three spinal operations and was told that I would be in a wheelchair within ten years,” she said. But what Robin hadn’t been told at the time, was that the condition was caused by her body’s allergic reaction to Myodil the contrast dye used for the four mylograms she had had. In the clinical literature it states that the dye must be removed within half an hour of being administered but that was not what happened in Robin’s case. Myodil was banned in Sweden in 1948, and in Switzerland in 1968 but wasn’t taken off New Zealand’s lists until the early 1980s. “This made much of my life absolute hell between the ages of thirty and fifty,” said Robin, “and I was under the care of the Pain Clinic for twenty two years.”

“I used to do a lot of potting in those days,” continues Robin, “and this was my salvation, I had pots accepted in national exhibitions and was quite well known for the type of glazing I used. While working at my electric wheel, I used to listen to Radio Pacific and I became interested in vitamins and minerals and started buying alternative magazines. If somebody had told me that eating a bucket of dirt would improve my health, I would have done it.” An advertisement for Reiki One attracted Robin and six weeks after doing it, she completed Reiki Two. Five days later she had a massive healing crisis which lasted for three days.”

Now that Robin was attuned to the Reiki energy, the next step was to begin applying it to herself. By so doing she was able to discard the pain killers and came off the addictive drugs that had been prescribed. “This was so amazing I decided then and there I would become a Reiki Master myself, so I could teach other people to heal themselves,” said Robin.

“My husband and I didn’t have a lot of money,” she continued, “but when money was needed to do a course, it was just there. I had said to the Universe if you want me to do this you have to make sure I have enough money every month to pay the mortgage. So I put an advertisement in the paper offering Reiki treatments to the public and in this way never missed a payment.”

“Reiki Three cost $1500 but I didn’t have that amount of money. However between Christmas and New Year I decided to take the balance of my pots to the Alexandra and Wanaka markets. As chance would have it my brother had given me some John Kehoe tapes on goal setting which I was listening to on the way to Alexandra, and inspired by these, I said to the Universe , ‘if you want me to do Reiki Three, you must supply the $1500.’ By the end of the two days I had exactly $1500 plus the cost of the stalls, petrol and lunch!”

“At the same time as doing Reiki Three I was also studying for my diploma in Vibrational Medicine with Denie Heistand and this was opening me up to the spiritual side of myself, and I was looking at why I had manifested such severe health problems for myself. I am quite sure it was my own lack of self worth and the feeling that I had not met the expectations of others.”

“Once I became a Reiki Master and started teaching I used to hold a group night once a month for other Reiki people and students I had taught. The mother of one of the women was a Reiki Master in Australia as well as a Seichem Master (Egyptian Healing) which is connecting in with the Goddess Isis energies. When she visited her daughter in Invercargill we met and had an exchange of knowledge and she taught me Seichem, attuning me to Master Teacher level.”

I asked Robin what the difference was between Reiki and Seichem and she gave the delightful description as follows: “Up in the sky God has a big radio station with lots of dials, all under the umbrella of energy. I can switch into the Reiki energy (by thought) and give it to you (through an attunement process) to enable you to tune into the Reiki energy. I can also tune you into the Seichem energy because I know the special attunement for that, and now I can tune you into the new Aquarian energy by a very simple downloading attunement process. Reiki heals the physical body as well as the aura. Seichem will heal a lot of the negativity of past lives as well as this one. This band of energy in the sky that we can connect into, is truly many faceted.”

“Now all this time my body was getting better and better. I had only been to the doctor once in about six years (for a broken bone in my foot). Before I learned Reiki, I was at the doctor every ten days or so with a variety of different illnesses - pancreatitis, gallstones, stomach ulcer, hysterectomy, hiatus hernia, not to mention arthritis all through my body!”

“However, my husband has diabetes and he has had three heart attacks and suffers from polymyalgic rheumatica which is a virus, for which the traditional cure is steroids which aggravate his diabetes which in turn aggravates his heart. The ulcers on his feet are the kind that don’t normally heal but we are getting them healed. I go down to the hospital with him for check-ups and the surgeon says… ‘mmmm, we’ll leave the amputation for another month.’

Robin is treating her husband with Aquarian Healing and with an Ifas Machine which emits ozone (the violet flame) and a vibration. The machine has glass electrodes which are placed on the body thus increasing the oxygen supply. Bacteria can’t live in the oxygen enriched atmosphere. This is the same machine Edgar Cayce used to call the ‘Violet Flame Machine’, which he encouraged people to use for different illnesses.

However, Robin had reached a point where integration of her abilities was called for. By now she also had a diploma in T.M.J (Temporomandibular Jaw correction), level three in Touch for Health and a diploma in Ultimate Healing and she began questioning herself just what modality to use on clients when they came to see her. And it was this dilemma that led to the creation of Aquarian Healing which Robin now describes.

“Three and a half years ago a friend rang me to say that I just had to come to Christchurch to learn ‘Ultimate Healing’. He phoned me no less than four times with the same message, so eventually I told my husband that I needed to be away from home for three weeks in order to do the course. His generous response was, ‘dear if that’s what you want to do, then just do it.’ And so I was attuned to Ultimate Healing, travelling to Australia to complete three levels, and finally finishing my diploma in Sydney. In Australia I was asked to become a teacher of the modality. I was impressed with it because it utilises muscle testing as does Touch for Health. I found that the body has cellular memory of everything that has ever gone on in this life or past lives and I learned how to access this memory. If you ask the body the right questions you are able to find out why and how something manifests in the physical body.

“However, during the time I was teaching Ultimate I came to feel that because of everything else that I had done, I could detect inadequacies within the Ultimate Healing system. I felt there were no safeguards. With Ultimate for example we could detoxify the body of toxins, chemicals and heavy metals using the spoken word method, telling the body to prepare to eliminate all toxins. The body wants to do this, often immediately and quickly, but unless instructions are given for the procedure to take its course calmly and safely, the body can go into a massive healing crisis then and there. The person can become quite sick, perhaps with diarrhoea and vomiting as the body tries to eliminate toxins and heavy metals (like mercury) from the system. This is a most unpleasant situation for anyone and is not really necessary.”

Robin’s questioning of some of the techniques led to her to eventually rewriting the manuals, inserting extra procedures to ensure safety. Having done this, Robin felt she was now ready to begin practising and teaching on her own. Adding to and correcting her teaching materials continued. “It is amazing,” she exclaims, “how something will come into my consciousness at night and within a couple of days, written material comes into my possession confirming the information I have been given at night.” So, all of this data, from so many different sources forms the basis for Aquarian Healing which has now been registered as a healing modality in Robin’s name.”

It can now be said that Robin is definitely following the family tradition of teaching. Many of her Aquarian pupils have reached diploma level and she’s also teaching Reiki to massage and beauty therapy students as a recognised module within the Southland Institute of Technology. Robin believes this is the first time an ‘alternative’ therapy such as Reiki is being recognised and taught mainstream in New Zealand.

Robin spoke in detail about how Aquarian Healing works. “We can get the body to identify exactly what we need to do and where by asking, then the body answers ‘yes or no’ by kinesiology (muscle testing). The body is then instructed by precise wording to heal itself. As an example if someone has gallstones Robin instructs the body to produce the right enzymes to dissolve them .. and it does it! Aquarian healers have extremely detailed information on the physiology of the body and Robin has recently written a dictionary containing every conceivable emotion: it is her belief that most illnesses have an emotion behind them. She knows the body’s workings intimately and has an immense knowledge of disease and how healing takes place. Her training as a nurse helped in this as has her own healing journey.

A huge variety of problems that can be treated by Aquarian Healing and Robin gives an example: “A lady came to me with very bad asthma. She was working on a flower farm where they sprayed, I did a chemical detox straight away, then asked her body what it wanted next and it went to a colour balance. I thought to myself what on earth would the body want a colour balance for. I muscle tested through the colours and it turned out the body did not want a colour, it had an aversion to one - indigo. This was because the woman was working on a gentian farm and had become overexposed to the colour gentian which had manifested as asthma. I cleared her body of its aversion to the gentian colour and in ten minutes she was breathing normally again. She has now put her inhalers away.”

Robin has great success treating children with asthma. It’s her strong belief the high incidence of asthma in NZ children is related to the three in one vaccinations given to babies at six weeks of age. Their bodies are not able to deal with the antigens. Robin says that the colostrum in breast milk is full of the mother’s antigens and this gives the baby immunity until at least the age of two by which time their own immune system is starting to build up. In Japan it is illegal to vaccinate a child before they are two.

Robin also has worked in situations where death is near, and she says that making the transition for the person easier by keeping the pain level down and by preparing them for the parting, is performing a very profound form of healing. It touches her at a very deep level when she is able to bring a person to a place of peace where there is acceptance of the death process.

Robin has had a ‘near death’ experience herself when she was suffering from pancreatitis. She recalls how, “The Angel stood there at the end of the light tunnel and held out its hand and said to me ‘Go back, you have work to do’.”

“Everyone works with a guide, and St. Germain is very close to me,” said Robin. “When I started doing this work, I wanted to connect in with the highest God source, preferably the Prime Creator, the Masters of the Universe or the Archangels who do come through to work with me now. It is they who tell me which Being to call upon to make the correction for each client.”

At this point in the interview Robin became very humble and explained: “What has happened in the last year has just been amazing – connecting in with these high energies and working with them. I don’t need to use crystals, or any other props, I just connect in with the God source. It had been my wish to work only with the highest vibration that there is in the Universe and that’s who has come through. The students that I teach all connect in with the Prime Creator (God).”

“When the energies come through, it is awesome and can be overpowering. I feel them move into my body and the love that comes through with them is overwhelming. It floods me. These energies are intense and beautiful and when they leave it is like pulling out the plug. To think they are using me as an instrument is simply awe inspiring.”

Robin Rodgers is a remarkable and courageous woman who grasped and overcame the considerable adversities in her life. The inspirational scope of her victory must place her as an example of one who is living their Divine Blueprint. I pray that we all have the courage to emulate her.